An Unmistakable Sign

Originally posted on social media on March 31, 2021

I took the boys on a boat today. I didn’t share with them that we were not far from where Jon, his mom and I scattered Molly’s ashes. Molly loved the ocean since she was a baby.

I can’t live without Molly. I am learning a new way to live with her. I long for her physical presence- I miss every little thing about her. Thank G-d, her indomitable spirit never leaves me. We are getting better at communicating with each other.

While on the boat, I asked Molly to send her brothers a sign - an unmistakable one. Minutes later, a massive fin whale (the second largest animal that has ever lived) appeared in front of us. Time felt suspended. We watched the whale up close. The boys counted 10 blow hole displays. I cried behind my sunglasses and thanked my girl for a gift that we will never forget. We are blessed.

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