One morning, Molly’s mom, Kaye, arrived home to a heavy package on the front porch. She opened it to find a box of rocks! After a moment of confusion, she investigated further and discovered paint pens and a book about rock painting. Enclosed was a heartfelt letter from a gentleman named Jim, who had been following Molly’s story from Arizona. His niece had recently introduced him to the phenomenon of rock art. 

Jim had seen #TEAMMOLLY posts where Molly’s name was written in the sand on beaches around the world. He thought that #MOLLYROCKS would be another special way for people to remember Molly. He suggested that people decorate rocks however they feel inspired by Molly, write #TEAMMOLLY and #MOLLYROCKS on them, place them in nature for others to find, but not before snapping a picture and posting it online with the appropriate hashtags. 

Molly was creative, and enjoyed painting rocks herself, so we immediately loved Jim’s idea. #MOLLYROCKS became a focal point of our community gatherings. Folks of all ages enjoy the process and have found ways to express themselves through art. The bright colors perfectly represent Molly. 

We’ve been blown away by the incredible #MOLLYROCKS that have been painted and the myriad of places where they end up. We encourage you to create a rock of your own and share it with #TEAMMOLLY on social media! 

Also, we never tire of seeing your stunning beach and other nature posts. Thank you for remembering our girl in places that matter to you. Please keep them coming!