Our Charitable Work

The Foundation’s purpose is to advance charitable causes that Molly cared deeply about.

The Molly Steinsapir Foundation focuses on caring for children, animals and the environment. With Molly's light leading the way, we've had a tremendous positive impact around the world since our inception.

The Molly Steinsapir Foundation raised funds and visibility for over 150 different charities through our "Give-Up-Give-Back" three week social media campaign. By forgoing a latte or dinner out, thousands of participants gave the money they saved to a charity of their choice and posted about it on social media. We are so proud of the success of the campaign and how many charities benefitted! 

We partner with Court Appointed Special Advocates ("CASA") to improve the lives of foster youth. We held "A Day For Molly At The Zoo" at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, with hundreds of foster youth as our special guests, each receiving a bag of #TEAMMOLLY gear and other treats. We also helped to fulfill CASA's back-to-school and holiday wishlists. 

We are regular supporters of the Los Angeles Unified School District, having donated hundreds of KN-95 masks when schools desperately needed them to stay open. We fund the phenomenal 5th Grade Historical Plays at Marquez Charter Elementary, which were a highlight for Molly and her brother, Nate, when they attended Marquez. We also helped to rehabilitate the school's outdoor areas, which were neglected during the lengthy school closure. 

One of reason we started our own Foundation and conduct our own fundraising is the ability to be nimble, to respond to needs as they arise, to have the flexibility of partnering with various causes that are aligned with our mission. In that vein, we donated thousands to Paws 4 Life K9 Rescue (which is transformational for severely neglected dogs and the prisoners who train them), the Jewish National Fund's Women's Circle and directly to families in crisis, including a fellow lawyer mom's young children after she suddenly passed away, leaving them orphaned. 

We also partnered with the TM23 Foundation, which honors another extraordinary 12-year-old who left the physical world much too soon, Tommy Mark, to deliver warmth to the unhoused of Los Angeles last winter. Tommy's mom, Nikki, and Molly's mom, Kaye, handed out #TEAMMOLLY sweatshirts and TM23 beanies throughout our city. 

#TEAMMOLLY also participated in the Palisades July 4th 5K, raising funds for Palisades Circle of Friends, which pairs kids with special needs with teen mentors. 

We are proud that beaches coast-to-coast are receiving extra love in Molly's name. #TEAMMOLLY has West and East Coast crews that regularly participate in beach clean up days inspired by Molly's love of the ocean.

The Molly Steinsapir Foundation is run by volunteers, which enables your donations to have the greatest possible impact. 

Thank you to everyone who supports the Molly Steinsapir Foundation. We are grateful that you are part of Molly’s legacy. Together, we are #MakingADifferenceEveryDay.

Organizations We've Supported