Dreams of Molly

I’ve been wanting to compile these dreams for awhile. I don’t want to forget them. As I collected them in one place, I was awestruck by how Molly helps to mend our broken hearts as we sleep and that she sends messages through many of you.

I’m sure this list is incomplete. I get easily overwhelmed and lose track of messages through social media, texts, emails, calls, you name it. I constantly forget whether I’ve responded. Many times when a friend follows up, I realize that I somehow replied only in my head. Please continue to reach out. Know that you could never bother me. If you’ve sent a message and haven’t heard back, please know how much I appreciate you. And please re-send it, if you are so inclined. I appreciate it when people send longer messages through this website because there is less likelihood of me losing them. I am humbled whenever someone takes time out of their busy day to write to me, and want to save all of your messages.

I’ll start with some of my descriptions of our dreams since Molly passed on (Nate uses this term, which I like better than died or passing away, since she’s not really “away” or “gone”).

  • March 18 - “Last night, I dreamt about Molly for the first time. I can’t recall it but I felt so peaceful and said aloud, ‘thank you, Molly.’ Jon woke up and said, ‘I was dreaming of her too!’ She gently shook him awake. Her hair was beautifully blown out and she wore makeup like for a play. Two boys were standing slightly behind her, on either side. Jon felt her reassurance that it’s time for us to “wake up” from debilitating grief. We both felt so much better this morning. Molly’s friend, Eme, feels her presence in the bathroom when she’s brushing her hair. Her grandmother felt her ask, ‘Mimi, what about my hair?’ An intuitive friend said Molly wants to be remembered with her beautiful hair, not as she was in the hospital after they shaved her head.”

  • July 16 - “I had the most beautiful dream just before I woke up. I was with Jamie, Millie and Molly. I introduced Molly to Millie. Molly looked at me with so much love in her eyes and came into my arms for a hug. Absolute bliss and peace.”

Jamie Giani is a mom of three who lives in Arkansas. Her fierce, creative, vivacious daughter, Millie, passed away about a year before Molly. While we’ve never met in person, Jamie and I knew each other for several years through a Facebook group called Law Mamas. Millie was five when she suddenly passed from sepsis and myocarditis. Her sparkling brown eyes always reminded me of Molly.

Jamie had this dream about Molly on May 17.

  • “Before I forget, I just saw Molly in a dream. I was with your family and we were going to watch Molly play basketball. She told me her team was 1-1, but you told me later they were really 0-2. When we had to repark the car she called the front seat and looked at me and smiled. Don’t know what happened in the game, but at the end of the dream, Molly was holding hands in a circle with three other girls and dancing around and laughing. She seemed very happy.”

Below are other dreams about Molly. Some are from people who knew Molly, while others are from friends of mine who never met her. The majority are from friends who only know us through social media (so far).

  • “Kaye- I have never sent a DM in my whole life, and I hesitated the last two days in reaching out to you about this, but I decided to just do it. I’m just an average person. I live in NJ, I’m a lawyer, mom, married and my daughter is 16. Anyway, My whole life I’ve gotten ‘vibes’ about random things that end up coming true, and I sometimes have dreams involving people who have passed away. So, I had a dream Friday night into Saturday morning this last weekend that I wanted to tell you about. In the dream, my daughter and I are getting ready to host people for a pool party/get together at our house. And Molly shows up to our house. In my dream, I’m excited,

    I confirm it’s Molly, my daughter is chatting with her, and I tweet you that Molly is at my house. You come to my house. Molly is happy to see you, and everyone is relatively calm. No big shows of emotion. You hug her and ask her what she is doing here. She tells you very matter of factly, ‘I can’t go with you mom, I have to get the kids ready and get them on the bus.’ ‘I have to get them on the school bus.’ She told us that we could only watch her work, so we did. A school bus arrived, kids appeared, and she was helping kids get on the bus and she was getting them buckled in and settled. She was kind and helped every child. We were calm, and watched her quietly. She was calm, caring and matter of fact. She then looked back at us, waved and smiled, got on the bus and the bus left. Then you and I hugged and cried a little, and you left to go home. I hope that something in this dream is meaningful to you and that it brings you peace. I am praying that it doesn’t bring you more distress. My husband told me not to reach out to you, (because he said that you would think that I’m a nut) but I feel compelled to tell you this. I’m not sure why, but it’s been on my mind...so....I wanted you to know about my dream with Molly. Hugs to you.

    Please know that in my dream Molly seemed so happy, at peace and kind to the children and so committed to what she was doing. We just watched her in such a calm way. The whole dream was calm and peaceful, almost beautiful in its simplicity. I’ll let know if Molly ‘visits’ me again. I pray for you and your family every day. I also hope Molly continues to send you signs to bring you peace and comfort.”

  • “Molly came to me in a dream on Friday night. There had been a fire and she needed a place to stay. She was cool and calm, competent, cheerful, and sweet. She seemed completely at peace. She had a dog companion with her. I hope she visits again.” (This is from the mother of one of Molly’s friends. They live close, and Molly has been to their house many times).

  • “Hi Kaye. First of all, Happy Birthday! Second, I've been struggling with whether I should reach out to you with this. I didn't know your beliefs about the afterlife, and didn't want to upset you. I just saw your medium blog post and I thought this was the sign I needed. I lucid dream sometimes (I'm conscious in my dream and I know I'm dreaming and I can do anything or communicate with anyone). A couple weeks ago Molly was in my dream and she had a message for you; most of it I lost during waking even though I tried to immediately write it down when I woke up (she told me to!). I literally grabbed for my phone the second I woke up but it was just out of my grasp. But the gist of the message was that she's very ok (and something with the number 6, but I don't think that number will mean anything on its own). Anyway, she was strong, adamant, and clear. And I got this sense that she knew herself really well and loved you so deeply that she would try to come through to you as many times, through as many people, as you needed to heal. I truly felt like I met her in person. Of course, it's possible that all of your posts have painted such a vivid image of her that it lead to me dreaming about her, but I don't think that's what happened because I was completely 100% lucid. It was like I was awake. I knew she had come to pass on a message. It was crystal clear and I can still see her face. Anyway, take it worth a grain of sand or more than that if you'd like.” (From a friend and former colleague).

  • “Kaye- I am not someone who has vivid dreams or, if I do, seems to remember them but I had the most beautiful dream last night. Molly was sitting on your lap- her face pressed to your face- her smile as wide as her eyes, both of your faces completely relaxed. You could not tell where one of you ended and the other began. It was the most beautiful, peaceful, serene thing I have ever seen. Sending you and sweet girl love. You are beautiful inside and out and so is your little girl.”

  • “Are there other people who follow you who have told you they've had a dream about Molly? Early yesterday morning I had one of those dreams that seem so real it wakes you up & leaves you feeling very disoriented. It felt like not so much of a dream but an appearance. It was sudden & over quickly. In it I was asleep & slid down low in my bed & suddenly I saw Molly above me, from her torso up. She lifted me back up to the head of the bed where I was supposed to be. Just as suddenly she was gone and I was awake then because I realized it was Molly. The whole thing startled me. I was confused and had to process what had happened. I wasn't slid down in my bed in reality, but I truly felt lifted. I only know of Molly through your Twitter account. I remember this so clearly, and I don't usually remember what happened in dreams after I wake up. It was jarring enough that I told my husband about it when we woke up at the regular time. I wasn't going to contact you about it because I didn't want to frighten or upset you. Then I saw your tweet about the medium. That made it seem all the more vivid. Like everyone else who follows #TeamMolly, I think of all of you often & with great care.”

  • “Sarah had a dream last week where she was ice skating with Molly - she fell through the ice and came up in a giant cube of ice and was asking if she was alive and Sarah said yes, you are, and then a mommy polar bear and baby came along and greeted them. I'm guessing you are the mama bear.” (From a Theatre Palisades/Marquez family).

  • “Hi Kaye! I wanted to DM you earlier, but was working. I really hope you get some happiness out of this message. Last night, I had one of those dreams that goes on forever ... but it was about Molly and Nate. I saw it very plainly and clearly, and have never met any of you. Molly was on a chain type swing, and Nate was pushing her. She was smiling ear to ear and kept telling her brother to push harder. This is the God’s honest truth. I heard Molly in my dream say, ‘mom knows we are ok.’ I took it as a sign and just wanted to share it with you.”

  • “Good morning, Kaye. At the risk of sounding like a lunatic, I feel compelled to share something with you. For a while now I have been on the receiving end of a ‘message’ which is as follows: (1) You (Kaye) will write a book titled ‘Missing Molly’, (2) You will speak to large groups of people; and (3) Daily journal (Note from Kaye: I think this relates to me writing in a journal every day, not the legal publication by the same name). Cryptic, I know, but that’s it. Thank you for reading this.”

  • “Dear Momma, I am fine and very busy up here. I have a lot of work to do for GOD. HE needs me. I help with little boys who are lost and do not know where they are. I comfort them and show them the ways of GOD until they are peaceful and joyful. Forgive me for leaving you, but GOD called me back to where I belong in heaven with angels everywhere." (From a Jewish grandmother in her 80’s who sent this message to Molly’s grandmother for me, via Twitter). The grandmother also wrote, “I truly believe your Molly is helping other children cross, and that she is surrounded by family.”

  • “Kaye, I hope you will read this: I had a very vivid dream last night of you and Molly- You were wearing a blue cloak, the color that matches your eyes. Molly was running to you. She had on a beautiful pair of 1920’s style shoes, red with yellow, I think flowers, dotted all around. She was running to you, crying how much she misses you. She kept saying ‘Mummy, I miss you. Mummy I miss you..' You told her how much you miss her too.. You were both hugging, laughing and crying. It was so real. I could have touched both of you. Molly lives on in so many of us....I cannot even imagine how much you must miss every hour, every minute, every second of every day. But, she’s here, amidst all of us, her love, her kindness and her energy. Wishing you and your family 'Shavua Tov' x.”

  • “Kaye - no need to respond. Wanted to tell you I had a dream about your three children last night. It was so clear, it’s like a memory. The kids and I were in my garden. Molly was taking pictures with her phone and Eli was running around sort of underfoot. Nate was bringing flowers to show to Molly and I was with them but just observing. Molly was the patient big sister. It was peaceful and calm. Molly’s hair was sunstreaked and she was so pretty. I woke up so surprised I had such a beautiful dream about them as I’ve never met your family. And like I said, it was like a memory and not a dream. So real. Again, no need to reply. Your family is in my prayers. Big hugs to you all.”

  • “Kaye, I had a very odd experience on Sunday. I am visiting San Francisco with my autistic son David. We were with his group visiting a little town across the Golden Gate Bridge. I thought I saw Molly in a crowd of people. I did a double look, and I didn't see her again. However, I dreamed about her during the night Sunday/Monday, and she was talking to me. I have been very closely following Molly, you, and your family. It is painful for me to know that she is no longer physically present, but somehow I think that she was letting me know that she is okay. I wasn't sure if I should share this with you, but after seeing the beautiful video I had to. I feel extremely lucky to have experienced meeting Molly through your posts and videos. Thank you so, so much. My grandson has stage 4 Ewing Sarcoma. He is only ten. I hope that Molly will visit him sometime in his dreams! Again, thank you! Much peace and love to you and your family!”

  • “Hi Kaye, I just wanted to let you know that I had a dream about Molly last night. Nate and Eli were playing in the yard while you and your husband watched, and Molly sat on a chair leaning her head on her hand silently but proudly watching them and smiling. Unbeknownst and clearly not physically seen by anyone. I know I don’t know you, but I’ve had crazy experiences with dreams and feel they are important and meaningful. I’ve followed your story since the accident (on another account, mind you!) and although I know you already feel Molly and recognize her impact, I felt the overwhelming urge to tell you about this dream. She is always with you and her brothers.”

If you’ve read this far, thank you. I hope you are moved by these vivid nighttime visitations. Molly is truly a force! We have a session booked with another well-respected medium on Molly’s birthday, October 21. I will share how it goes.

Please also read my blog post from last week - friends from near and far are baking Molly’s favorite chocolate cake this month. Please join us, whenever is convenient for you. For our local family and friends, we hope to see you at our sound bath at the beach on 10/21 at 5 pm. Finally, please check out the new items in our online shop. I’m especially excited about the candles, which look and smell incredible. The Molly Steinsapir Foundation is offering a buy-2-get-1 free mix-and-match special this month in honor of Molly’s birthday on the 21st.

All my love,


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