Earth Angel

Dear ones,

Our family wishes you and yours a warm, joyous holiday season. To anyone who is struggling or for whom this time of year is difficult, I'm holding space for you in my heart. I hope this post helps you to believe in something bigger than our Earthly challenges; a Spirit realm that we are incapable of fully understanding, but that is real and surrounds us with loving support. 

Below is a transcript of a private reading with psychic medium, Anthony Mrocka, that Jon and I attended on Molly’s birthday, October 21, 2021.

A - Have you guys ever been to a medium? K/J - Yes. A - Ok, cool. I always ask because sometimes people don't understand the process. We all work a little differently. I'm just going to run through how I work. I see, hear, and feel. When I say "see," I'm not seeing Spirit people stand next to me here. I'm seeing things within my mind's eye. Spirit communicates to me through symbols and pictures, and I have the lovely job of interpreting them. Clairaudiently, I hear. I hear phonetically. Whatever I hear, I'll obviously give you. If I hear names, I'll give you names. I could be off by the full pronunciation, but I'll never be off by the first initial or the gender of the person. I can sense the difference between male and female when they are coming through from the other side. Don't make a square peg fit into a round hole.

I did come into mediumship as a full-blown skeptic. I didn't believe in any of this stuff until it started happening to me. That's why I say, don't MAKE it fit. If the answer is no, just say no. What happens is, I go back and say, "They're saying no!" They'll keep impressing on me where I'm misinterpreting. As I say to everyone, I can misinterpret things I don't know everything. I would have won the lottery already! Trust me. It just doesn't work that way. I stand by everything they give me, from that side of life. If something is off, I am misinterpreting it in some way. That's why I say, just say no, because they'll keep impressing upon me until I get it.

Sometimes multiple communicators come through. If they passed, they can come through. Sometimes people come with a list of who they want to hear from. I can't control who comes through.

Sometimes people become like deer in headlights when I start to read - they don't remember names, dates, etc. that come up. I call this psychic amnesia. Do you have a way to record? I like people to have the recording so they can go back and listen to it again.

I'm getting really emotional, so I don't know what is going on here. My mind is starting to go already.

Last but not least, they will bring up things that have happened now or things that have happened after their passing to show you that they are still with us, on this side of life. It may be silly things. But it shows they are still present.
What are your names? J - I'm Jonathan, and this is my wife, Kaye.

A - Ok. Let me shift my awareness to the other side, and let's see who wants to come in. I am met by a younger female that wants to come in. I am getting pulled below, so there's got to be a child there on the spirit side. Do you understand a child there in the spirit world. It would be a female. J - Yes.

A - I need to acknowledge her. There is also a father figure (to one of you) there as well. Jonathan, is your father or father figure also to the spirit world? J - My father is not.

A - Then there's got to be a grandfather. It's on your dad's side. Your father's father is on the spirit side. J - Yes.

A - I have the younger girl there. She is making me acknowledge her great-grandfather. She is pulling me specifically to you, Jonathan. She has met up with your grandfather. There is another "J" male. Jon, Jonathan, Joe? Do you understand that? K - Is that a different person?

A - Yeah. That is another person there. They keep showing me a big "J." Do you understand that? K - Yes. My grandfather was named J.D.

A - As long as he's a big J, they keep throwing me a big J. I am going to stay connected to the female because I feel that it's her that wants to come through. Not saying your grandparents don't want to come through. She wants you to know that she's met up with these two older males there, or that they have her there, on the spirit side. This girl was young. I do read for a lot of families. She is making me feel like she's around 10-12 years old when she passed. Do you understand that? J - Yes.

A - There had to have been some sort of impact. Not a car impact - usually they will make me feel a car accident. But I do feel an impact. Do you understand the impact with her? She keeps acknowledging it. J - Yes.

A - There is an "M" that is connected to her. Or there is an "M" name that wants to come through. J - Yes.

A - Don't tell me her name. She may bring it all the way through later. Please don't think I'm being rude if I cut you off. I have my own skepticism. I want to give it to you before you give it to me. She has an "M" there. As long as that is the first letter of her first name, that's fine. She keeps acknowledging it. She keeps wacking my head. There had to have been some sort of issue with her head. Can you understand the head trauma? J - Unfortunately, yes.

A - There are 2 children alive here. Do you understand that? K - Yes.

A - Mom, she's pulling towards you. I want to talk about your grandfather. Did he have congestive heart failure or there was an issue with his heart? K - I don't know. My grandfather gave up on life. I would say that he died of a broken heart.

A - I'll take that misinterpretation this time. He keeps wacking my heart. I heard congestive heart failure. I felt like there was fluid in or around his heart. I feel like your daughter is telling the “J man” had a heart issue. I know that he has got her. He wants to acknowledge that he’s got your daughter. I get really emotional. Listen, if you see me start crying, it’s not because they are sad in the other world. They just use my human emotions so you can feel the sincerity that will come through. Your daughter is telling me that someone was talking about wanting to get a tattoo. Do you understand that? K – Recently? No.

A – Did someone talk about wanting to get a tattoo? J – It wouldn’t shock me that someone in one of our families would do that, but I don’t know of anyone.

A – No. You would know about it. Are you sure? Someone made mention about wanting to get a tattoo. Mom, I feel like I’m pulled to you. Or there was a thought about it. K – I did get tattoos when I was younger. A – Ok. That is not it. Your daughter is making me feel like there was a thought about getting something tattooed. Or you had a conversation with someone about a tattoo in memory of her? K – Not really, because I don’t like the tattoos that I got. A – This is weird. I’m writing this one down. I feel like she’ll bring me on a long loop around, back to this. She keeps bringing me to a park and a bench. Is someone talking about getting a bench in her name? K – Yes.

A – if that is true, then there is something about the tattoo that we aren’t thinking of. She’ll bring me all the way back around to get to that tattoo thing. 

A – She had an older sibling? J – No.

A – I don’t think a child younger than her would go and get a tattoo – clearly. But did one of her siblings talk about that they want to get a tattoo when they get of age? Because she won’t let me let it go. K – I don’t know. Maybe it’s a friend and they haven’t told us.

A – I feel like it’s a sibling. Just remember that I’m saying it because it wouldn’t come up randomly. It would be her generational level because she’s pulling me to the side. Mom, I keep getting pulled to you. You were just looking at a photo of her. I’m talking about this morning, right before the meeting. Do you understand that? K – Yes.

A – Were there 2 specific photos? K – We have her photos all throughout the house. I looked at more than two.

A – No, that’s not it. There is a photo of you and her together that you were looking at. Oh, that’s the two. She keeps putting the two of you guys together.
She’s on your phone. She keeps talking about you constantly going to your phone, like her voice would be on your phone. Do you understand? K – Yes.
A – Not pictures. I feel like her voice or a video is on your phone that someone keeps going back and watching. K – Yes.

A – Did she get hit on the side of the head? She keeps wacking me by my ear. I feel like she gets hit in the head. I feel like there is a traumatic brain injury. Do you understand that? K – Yes.

A – Dad, has your knee or leg been bothering you? J – Not really. A – Unless she had a fall and it also hurt her leg/knee? J – No, as far as we know, it was just her head. A – Someone just did something to their leg. I feel like I’m pulled toward you, Mom. Did one of your other kids hurt their leg? K – Nothing major. The boys fall and scrape their knees, things like that. J – Our younger son had a fall when he was playing last night. Kaye was out with friends. He was crying for about 20 minutes. A – When he fell, was he complaining about his leg or knee?
J – I don’t remember specifically but I know he hurt his leg. A – So, it is a leg. Because she keeps wacking my leg. She pulled me to you, Dad. That would make sense if your wife wasn’t there. That’s why I thought it was your knee or leg. They bring these things up to show that they are still around or paying attention to them.

A - I’m supposed to talk about the t-shirts. Someone made t-shirts for her. It’s more than just that because I’m getting really emotional. Mom, you go and hold one of her old shirts, correct? Recently? K – I’m always in her room. I’m always around her things.

A – Someone keeps going and laying in her bed. Dad, I feel like I’m getting pulled to you with that. Do you understand that? J – Yes. A – She hears you. I feel like when you are in the bed, you are talking or thinking to her. She hears you. I’m supposed to say this to you specifically, Dad. Don’t kill me, I’m just the messenger. There was nothing that you could have done. She’s making me feel – I don’t know how to say this, so I’m just going to say it – she’s making me feel like for the first time you felt really powerless. She watched you feel really powerless. You always fix things for people. She understands you couldn’t help this time. She’s pulling me into the mind. You are going back and replaying what happened. She doesn’t want you to do that. She wants you let go of the guilt.

A -Who just did something with the rainbow? K – That would be me, and part of the things we do for her. A – Listen, you’re going to see how my mediumship works. After I give a message like that – because I’m not a very generalized medium – then she’ll drop something that you’ve done. She just flashed me the rainbow. As long as you just did something with the rainbow, it validates the message for Dad. She wants you to let go over the guilt. There’s no greater loss than a parent losing a child. I’m sorry for you guys. She wants you to stop going over the guilt in your mind.

This is weird. Who just saw the frog? K – I can’t think of anything. A – Dad, I feel like I’m pulled towards you. J – I was just randomly listening to something where frogs were prominently brought up as part of a joke. A – Within the last day or two. J – Like within the last hour or two. It was really random. A – They bring up random things to show that they are still with us. She pulled me towards you and said bring up the frog. J – She would have found what they were saying funny.

A – I’m going back to the bed. You are laying in a bed now, right? Are there 3 photos of her right in front of you? Within eyeshot? K – There are photos of her everywhere. J – There are four photos in front of us, and a ton in other places. A – In HER bed, do you guys still have 3 photos of her right there? K – This is her bed. A – Oh, you’re in her bed. Thank God! I feel like there’s 3 photos of her there. There are 3 in one area – or in a row – that she looks really good in. I feel there’s 3 photos. K – I have this blanket that someone gave us yesterday. There’s 3 photos on it! [Note from Kaye – I was wrapped in a blanket that my friend, Mary, had just given to me. I has three large photos of Molly on it]. A – THANK YOU! I know there’s 3 photos on it. I should have said it together. I said she’s pulling me back to her bed, and then I said there’s 3 photos. J – This is literally on her bed. A – I’m annoyed at myself that I didn’t say it together. She kept saying, no, the bed – there’s 3 photos! I feel like it’s new to her. K – Just yesterday. A – That’s fine. It’s her way to acknowledge it. I feel like she hasn’t been in the spirit world for a full year yet. She keeps bringing me to six to nine months.

Mom, she keeps bringing me to you writing to her. She’s showing me a pen and paper and pulling me to you. Do you understand writing to her? She’s saying she read it. K – Yes.

A – Someone else talked about writing to her in some way. K – Her brother.
A – Besides you, Mom, she’s making me feel like one other family member was also writing to her. Mom, she’s making me feel like you were looking at an older card of hers recently. Do you understand that? I want to say in the past 2 to 3 weeks. Do you understand that? K – Yes. A – In the drawer, there’s got to be a card of hers. She’s pulling me into the drawer. Do you understand that? K – Yes.

A – There’s something else there too. She had a watch. I feel like it’s in that drawer too. There’s got to be a watch in there too. Do you understand that?
K – I’m not sure. A – Ok, check it later. Sometimes good validation comes after a reading. I feel like there’s an acknowledgment to that.

God, I hate to say this. She’s making me feel like you guys had to make a decision around her treatment. Do you understand? K – Yes.
A - I feel like someone wanted to make a change or change doctors. Like there was a course of action and someone made a suggestion about potentially doing a different course of action for her. K – I believe that there was discussion amongst the doctors about different potential courses of actions to take. A – She had to have gone into unconsciousness way before her passing. I feel like that is why this is being brought up. She’s making me feel like she was already in the spirit world, watching the conversations. She’s making me feel like nothing would have changed the outcome. I feel like she was already in the spirit world. Do you understand that? J – I do, very powerfully. A – Sometimes as a medium, I hate to say things. But I can’t change what she’s giving me. I feel like nothing would have changed the outcome. No other course of treatment would have been able to change anything. She wants to acknowledge she didn’t feel any pain (she knows someone was asking).

A - Does someone know a Michael? On the spirit side? There is a Michael that is connected somehow, that she keeps acknowledging in the spirit world. K/J – Not sure. Ok, remember that I’m saying it.

A - Does someone know a Jane? J – Yes. A – That would be still here. J – Yes.
A – Your daughter is telling me to bring up Jane. Someone just talked to her. J – I haven’t heard anything. A – Have there been health concerns around Jane?
J – Yes. A – She’s making me acknowledge it. Your daughter, from that side, is trying to help and send healing to this side. I’m going to tell you right now. Your daughter is a very powerful spirit in the spirit world. That’s number one. Number two, I feel like she’s trying to help people here in this world. That’s why she brought up Jane. Don’t kill me, but I do feel like you guys are going to hear something about Jane coming up. Not in six months, like in the next few weeks. Your daughter keeps bringing up a health concern. Let me give you my disclaimer – I’m not a doctor, I can’t prescribe or give medical advice. But I do feel like she’s trying to help or give healing from that side of life. That’s one of the things I feel like your daughter is doing there – she’s trying to help us on this side of life. (Note from Kaye - we found out that Aunt Jane had suffered a terrible fall and fractured her cervical spine one day before the reading. Fortunately, she is doing better, and we appreciate your prayers). 

She’s talking to me about a memorial or a foundation, or there’s something in her name. There’s something that you guys are putting together in her name. Do you understand that? J – Yes. A – She’s making a big deal about it. Is that not fully done yet? I feel like it’s done but it hasn’t even really begun yet. K – Yes.
A – I don’t know why I’m doing this. But she’s making me do it like this. She’s making me feel like it’s going to be bigger. She knows it’s going to be bigger. I’m supposed to tell you that it’s going to be bigger than what you guys think.

A - There’s also something about helmets. Did something happen with a helmet? K – She was in a bicycling accident. A – It’s so weird. She keeps putting my daughter’s helmet on me. I feel like your foundation is going to do something around that. Remember I’m saying that. She keeps acknowledging that.

A - Dad, are you sure that your foot also is not bothering you? You don’t have some weird toe thing going on? J – I kind of always do. Kind of joking. A – She keeps pulling me to you, like I’m supposed to bust on you about your toes.
J – I don’t think they are that bad. A – She’s being funny. J – Well my feet are out right now when they usually aren’t, and my wife gives me stuff about my toenails needing to be cut. I don’t think they are bad. A – So, it’s a family joke. She wants to bring a little laughter as well. J – It would be something that she would laugh at.

A - Someone made a painting of her. Do you understand that? K – Yes.
A – Why do I feel like it’s not hung up yet? J – It’s complicated. A – Don’t answer. I feel like it’s supposed to be put up. Do you understand that?
K – Yes (laughing). A – That’s such a weird feeling. You guys weren’t sure where you wanted it to be put up? Or someone had different ideas of where to put it?
K – Yes. A – She keeps giving me – it should be put up, but there were differences of opinions of where it should go. I don’t know, just pick one. To her, it doesn’t really matter. She loves it. She loves this painting of her. Do you understand that? K – Yes. People have painted pictures of her, and we do have them up. But the issue I think you’re referring to is that there’s going to be a mural painted of her. There’s been some dispute about where it will go.
A – She wants you to do it. It doesn’t really matter to her where it goes. Just get it up!

A - Mom, she wants me to bring up the necklace to you. Are you wearing her necklace? K – Yes. A - You see my message that I just gave you, then she just gave me a hardcore piece of fact about you still wearing the necklace? She wants the mural to go up. I know there is some question about where it’s going. I do feel like it’s going up. There’s no time in the spirit world. I believe they see a timeline forward. She is making me feel like it’s going to go up. Did someone have to get permits? K – Yes. A – She keeps showing me a permit and saying they have to get the permit. K – Yes, that is happening now. A – She says you are going to get the permit – just get the mural up!

A - I’m feeling really emotional suddenly. I just have to say this from her. Your daughter wants to thank you profoundly for all the love and extra love that you always gave her throughout her life. She’s making me feel like after her passing, you start thinking back about things you wish you’d done differently. There is NOTHING she ever wanted different from you guys. Dad, she’s making me feel like you feel guilty because you work a lot. Don’t blame yourself. She totally understands and does not want you to feel guilty.

A - She had blue eyes? K – No. A – Is there someone in the family who has blue eyes and everyone else doesn’t? K – Yes. We’re a mix. J – Yes. There is one person with blue eyes, and no one else. A – Is that one of her siblings? K – Yes.
A – That sibling is struggling with her passing? Because I feel like I want to start crying again. She’s making me feel like that sibling is really struggling. K – Yes, so much. A – One of them plays soccer or was just talking about wanting to play soccer? J – That’s really random. Just last night, our son, Eli, started talking to me about the rules of soccer. A – She can hear your conversation. People ask, why do they bring the random stuff up? Because it’s the best way they can show you they are still around. She flashed me a soccer ball. Is that the one who is struggling? J – No.

A – That’s how she’s going to pull the other sibling into the reading.
And someone was just looking at or moved her shoes? K/J – Not sure. A – Did someone just ask for new shoes? She’s saying she supposed to acknowledge the new shoes. K – The kids didn’t ask for new shoes. I got new shoes.
A – In the past two weeks? K – No. Something happened to them in the past two weeks. A – She keeps bringing up new shoes and the past two weeks. It’s got to be funny. There’s a funny story? K – She would find it funny. I did not!
A – She’s laughing on the other side. (Note from Kaye - Calvin had just chewed up the new shoes that I received for my birthday, which came up in our reading with Robert Brown). 

A – Is there a McKayla? K – There’s Makena. Her friend.
A – She just reached out to you? You just had a conversation with her? K – Yesterday. A – She’s telling me that she’s still here, and that you just communicated with her.

Why am I supposed to talk about your windows? Someone wants to change something on the windows? K – Not sure. We are replacing screens because the dog broke them. A – She keeps bringing me to windows. Dad, do you stare out the window of her room? J – Yes. A – I feel like your daughter is pulling me to you, and that I’m supposed to talk to you about looking out the window.

A - Who has the butterfly symbolism? Someone sees a butterfly? You see butterflies and are reminded of your daughter? She’s making me feel like someone just saw one and thought of her, and talked about it. She’s making me feel like it’s now. K/J – Yes.

A – She’s bringing me back to the tattoo. At some point, someone is going to talk about getting a butterfly tattoo. Someone is going to want to get that tattoo. Just remember that I’m saying it. I’m not saying to go get it. But she knows that someone is going to get a butterfly tattoo.

A - Who had the cancer? Someone that’s alive. K – Me. A – Listen, I’m not a doctor, I feel like you are fine now. She’s making me feel like she’s sending you preemptive healing so that it never comes back. Would that have been in your chest? Because she’s bringing me to your chest and pulling me to the left-hand side. Was it on the left side? K – Yes. A – She’s acknowledging that she’s sending you healing. She’s your best advocate. She’s your angel.

A - She’s acknowledging that someone else took a fall. I know that she took a fall. Did someone else fall? She just made me fall a second time. K/J – Yes.

A – Was someone talking about getting a street named after her? Like naming a “way” after her? J – Not a street. A – There is something about naming something after her. She showed me a street sign. Sometimes underneath the street sign, they have an honor “way.” Someone is going to name a trail or park after her. J. Yes. A – It’s something major that is named after her and she’s aware of it. K – A school was named for her. J – There is also a zoo, and the entrance is named for her. That sounds like more what you’re saying. A – Yes, that’s what I’m looking for. Like a path. Sorry, Mom, I don’t want the school. The school is great! But I’m seeing an entrance or her name and “way.” I don’t’ feel like it’s been done yet. Correct? I know it’s going to get done. I get really emotional.

A - Dad, your daughter sees how much you are pushing for her on this side of life. You have to be some powerful person. She’s making me feel like you get stuff done. Mom, I know you’re getting stuff done. But I feel like Dad is also getting stuff done, and she’s aware that Dad is using power to get things done in her honor. She’s got a big grin on her face. She’s well aware of everything that’s being done in her honor and in her name. She really likes the zoo thing.

She’s bringing me back to the Foundation. I feel like it’s going to be bigger than what you guys realize. Mom, I feel like this is going to be your mission in life. This is your soul’s purpose. She’s acknowledging it. Her passing was not in vain. She knows that you are about to help – I feel like thousands. She’s aware that you are going to help thousands of others in her name. It’s really big.

A - You were just in her jewelry box? You know how little girls have a thing that turns and it has music? K – I can’t think of anything. A – No. Dad, go way back. When your daughter was still here, you bought her a wind-up jewelry box. I feel like it’s in the room with you guys. You know – it has a dancer on top, you twist it and it makes noise? J – I know what you mean. I can’t remember if I bought one of those for her. A – I feel like you’re going to come across it.

One of her siblings just had a tooth issue. Or someone’s tooth has been bothering them? J/K – Not sure. A – Don’t kill me. But in the next week or two, there is going to be something with someone in the family’s tooth.

A - Who is talking about wanting to change the walls? The colors or doing something with the walls? K – Her brother. He’s been putting stickers on the walls. A – She makes me feel like he was supposed to do that. I’m going to tell you right now that you daughter doesn’t leave your sides. She’s making me feel like she’s always around. Or she’s not far away. She’s always a thought away. There is not a day that goes by that she doesn’t check in or she’s not with you guys. I’m not saying she’s stuck there in that home. She can go where you guys go. There is an acknowledgement about being there with you guys at home.

A - Who lost the cat? Because she keeps flashing me a cat on the spirit side. J – We did. A – I’m not an animal communicator. But she’s showing me that.
(Kaye note - Our cat comes into the room and starts meowing the background! Loudly!). There were 3 cats in her life. One here, and two in spirit. She’s met up with her cat on the other side. She’s making me feel like the one that is here comes to you and needs more petting, since her passing. Your daughter is doing that. She’s using the cat to be close to you. They can influence animals from that side of life.

I know that I brought up the two gentleman who are there with her. There are other people there with her as well. She’s a very powerful spirit. She’s not moving out of the way. I’m supposed to acknowledge February. What happened in February? K/J – Her passing. A – She keeps bringing me to Feb. What is in January? K/J – Her accident.

A – Ok, she keeps pulling me back to January. Who has the birthday in September? J – My father has his birthday in September and she was very close to him. K – Also, my grandfather, JD, who passed. The “J” man you mentioned. A – I feel like it’s someone who is here. I feel like she wants to wish him a happy birthday. She had to have been close to your dad, who was born in September. Actually, he struggles around her passing. She keeps pulling me to him. She struggles with the loss of her. Is he around the 20th or 21st? J – 27. Looks similar to 21. A – As long as it’s around then. It’s the best way that she can say happy birthday to him.

A - And someone has a birthday now. She keeps saying, “Happy birthday, happy birthday now.” J/K – Yes. Should we tell you? A – Yes.
J/K – It’s her birthday. A – Oh! It’s her way of acknowledging it. I get emotional again. Your daughter is alive and well in the other world. I know that she tried to use this time to show you the things that she’s aware of, even down to the three pictures on the blanket. Take all of her love and her blessings, and I’ll say, God bless. There are one or two things you’ll have to go back and validate. Make sure you have your recording. Find that music box – it’s like a wind-up thing with a ballerina. Just remember that I’m saying it.
Alright guys, stay safe!

More recently, on December 16, I attended a large group session with psychic medium, Rebecca Rosen. There were over 100 attendees from all over the country present on the Zoom call. Participants were identified only by their first names and last initials. Because of the large group size, most did not receive an individualized reading. I knew that Molly would come through in a powerful way, and she did!

Rebecca reminded me of a conductor, receiving messages from various spirits all at once. In the group chat, participants comment if what Rebecca is saying resonates and indicate that a certain message seems like it is for them.

One of the first things Rebecca said was, “There is a mom here who lost a young daughter. Spirit is telling me that I’m supposed to read for her.” Unlike our readings with Robert and Anthony, recording was not permitted. The following summary is from my notes and memory.

Rebecca read for a few people. Then she said, ok, who is the mother who lost a daughter? I had identified myself in the chat but her assistant was having trouble finding my comment. I commented again, frantically this time – ME, ME, ME! That’s my daughter! Before Rebecca’s assistant could identify me, Rebecca said, “Her name is Kaye.”

R – Your daughter is an Earth Angel. I see that she passed due to an accident. She wants you to know that this is part of G-d’s plan. She says, “Mom, I was the older soul.” We agreed to this to help others and to teach faith.

She was greeted by your grandmother when she crossed. Your grandmother is here. She is saying that you were born more intuitive than most people. You needed to be intuitive.

Your daughter is your silent partner – she is always with you.

I don’t see you losing another child.

(Note from Kaye - I can’t remember if Rebecca got Molly’s name or her first initial, and then I told her that her name was Molly.)

It’s very important for her dad – his name is Jon? (K – yes) – to understand that he did not fail her. She wants him to let go of the guilt. There was nothing he could have done to change what happened. She wants you both to keep going deeper, keep praying, you are on the right path.

Who is Jewish? K – we are. Were you planning her bat mtizvah? K – yes.
You had already secured the date? K – yes. Molly wants you to have a big party, to celebrate life.

She loves music. She wants you to play it loud. If she had lived, she would have done something with music. I see her on stage, singing and acting. She’s a star.

Molly was a little artist. She left behind a lot of drawings and creations for you to find. She loves that you are finding them.

She’s also a prankster. She steals Dad’s pens and he’s always looking for them.

Who is Mimi? K – her grandmother. She is sending love to her.

She has two brothers, correct? K – yes. One of them dreams of her. He sees her. The other has something going with his ear. That’s her buzzing in his ear. She wants him to keep talking to her. She is always around her siblings, protecting them.

You wear a heart-shaped locket? K – yes. That’s her entry point. You can always connect to her through the necklace.

She’s showing me a mani/pedi. Did you just get your nails done? K – yes, yesterday. She’s smiling – she likes your nails. (Note from Kaye – I usually go with neutral colors, but I’d painted my nails in glittery gold and red for the holidays).

What’s the significance of the rainbow? K – it’s the logo for her Foundation. We do charitable work in her name throughout the world.

I see you writing a book. There is no time stamp on getting it done. It can take ten years, but know that it will happen, and it will be a best-seller. I’m seeing Oprah, for what it’s worth.

She is with someone whose name starts with a “B” on the spirit side – Betsy, Betty, Bea.

She’s showing me a big dog. She loves animals. Do you have a dog? K – yes.

I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through. She’s an Earth Angel. She’s touching so many lives through you and her Foundation. You’ll be with her again. Until then, she’s your silent partner, always with you.

We are grateful to Anthony and Rebecca for facilitating these conversations with Molly in Spirit. These messages have given us so much comfort. 

We also thank Michelle Whitman and Molly Weiss for the painstaking work involved in creating this website. It has been a labor of love! We are so grateful for you!

Finally, to everyone who donated to the Molly Steinsapir Foundation on Giving Tuesday, please use the code GIVINGTUESDAY to select a free item of your choice from our online shop, with free shipping. If you already sent me a message with your order, please also place it through the site. THANK YOU!

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