Embrace What Makes You Different

Originally posted on social media on May 4, 2021

This picture of Molly flipping off the camera is one of our favorites, although her friend was afraid to show it to us. They were joking about a teacher who caused Molly a lot of stress. He didn’t understand her ADHD brain. Molly was so bright, but school was difficult, especially online. We made sure she KNEW she was brilliant and amazing.

Molly was not “neurotypical” but I never worried about her future. I knew she was destined for big things. I was her vocal advocate, making sure her gifts were not overlooked, getting her extra support. It was a struggle sometimes. Molly was not always an easy child to parent. She was fierce and independent!

I told Molly that ADHD was her superpower. When her teacher made her feel bad about herself, we said he was the one who didn’t understand. We said that we all have to deal with challenging people sometimes, and they are here to teach us lessons.

Our children cannot be contained in neat little boxes. It’s time to embrace being different!

I’m glad that Molly never lost her spirit or confidence. She knew no limits for herself. There was nothing she couldn’t do, but it had to be in her unique way.

It’s funny, I never saw Molly flip the bird or heard her use a curse word (unlike Eli, who just turned 5 ). This was a new and exciting thing for her. I’m glad she did it!

I worry about all the brilliant, “neurodiverse” kids out there who don’t have an advocate like me. I wish I could be their advocate, too. They need and deserve it.

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