“I Love What’s Growing In My Name.” Our Session with Medium Robert Brown

We had a life-changing reading with renowned psychic medium, Robert Brown, on June 15, 2021.

I sobbed almost the entire time. Molly came through so clearly. Everything was validated. She is still with us! This life is not the end!

Please think of Molly with JOY and LOVE because that is what she always has been and still is. Don’t feel heartbroken for us. We are blessed. Molly loves what is being done in her name. She is happy about the “ripples” that her passing has caused. She wants people to LIVE better everyday because of her example. She is a teacher. To that end, I’m sharing our reading below.

R: I don’t mind you asking questions, that’s not a problem, but I want to give a bit of advice. In all the years I’m working - I’m horrified to think it’s 47 years working now - with any medium, I think it’s best to leave your questions towards the end. There will be time. I think people meet a medium like meeting a doctor at a party. You know you end up saying, oh, do you think this is something? Do you think this is something? With a medium, people start saying, oh, is anyone around? And when they ask questions, they give information. Since we’ve never met (I never know who is going to be calling me, whether I’ve met them or not), let’s get introduced by those in Spirit. So, there will be time for questions. Not to make my work tougher than what it is, but I always want people to have a real experience, the best I can do. I don’t really want them feeding me the information. You know? Sometimes people want what they want to hear. Sometimes it has to be maybe what they need to hear.

I’m going to start. I take it that you are on a couch or a bed or something, right?

J: We’re on a bed.

R: Because I’ve got somebody having a real fun time that we’re on a bed. I feel like bouncing. I have an energy of a younger person who has so much energy and life, it’s difficult to think they’re in the realms of Spirit. I mean, they’ve been bouncing on the end of the bed, and giggling or laughing. If you were going up the other end, that would encourage them to go up. So, I’ve got this person here and I feel it’s a young girl. But I’ve also got the presence of somebody who is young but I’m going to say an “old soul,” if that would make sense to you. For me, this is somebody who, if young like this, taught a lot in the relatively short time they were here. I’m going to qualify that after. I’ve never quite done this before. I feel like I’m bouncing on the bed with excitement.

I’m not leaving, not at all, but I have to introduce other people (talking to Molly).

Sir, is your father passed?

J: No, he’s not.

R: Ok, there is a man on this side here who seems to be paternal. He doesn’t have so much hair, a little bit thinning on top. I’m aware that he had chest or heart problems. He’s an older man. You know, he’s not the first person that I would say to show his emotions. He looks a little serious. But he definitely links with you. And yet, his man, I see tears in his eyes. I wasn’t expecting to see that, and yet I saw tears in his eyes. He’s saying, “I understand. I understand now how the rug was pulled from underneath you.” Now, can you think of who this man might be on the paternal side? High forehead, little bit thin on top?

J: I think it would be my mother’s father (the description of Jon’s maternal grandfather was uncanny; everything is accurate).

R: Like a grandfather. There are several people around. I’m coming back in a moment. I’m talking to the young lady because she has some really interesting attitudes with things. There is also a lady who lost weight, lost energy. For a medium, this usually means the person sort of went downhill in the last two or three months of their life. She is very warm. She’s kind of soft. But I notice in her personality that when I’m kind of pushing her (motioning that he’s pushing her a bit to the side), she’s very tolerant of me doing that. I just have the feeling that if she gets to a corner, I’d better learn to run or duck, you know? She’ll only go so far (this is clearly my maternal grandmother, Nanny, who raised me).

Behind you there is sort of a plethora of people. I’m wondering if there are any birthdays or celebrations around? Imagine here in the physical world, we join together in celebrations. They do the same. There’s a lot of people. There’s somebody called Joe. There’s a lot of people who want to point out that they are there. But if I was this young girl, I am waiting patiently, tapping my foot. “I am on stage. I am center of attention. I am here, thank you very much.” Very interesting attitude! Confident. Not rude. Not at ALL. Quite sweet. But quite determined. Tapping the foot, though, that was an interesting one. Like,
”I’m waiting!”

It’s not me who chooses who speaks. I feel that others wanted you to know they are all around. I do have some people with like hats on, as if they are in some kind of party, some celebration. But this young lady, I’m now calling her, is singing. Ok, I’m not going to say the greatest voice. Maybe I’m not a good judge. It’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” A child’s voice is charming and lovely, but it’s just slightly faltering, you know? It was almost like a shout. But bags and bags of confidence! Bags of confidence! And yet, there is shy side, a sensitive side. (Molly loved to sing, but she lacked a natural ear for pitch. She worked with a vocal coach to improve for theatre. Of course, we were never critical, but would occasionally raise an eyebrow when she belted out songs - it was often a “shout",” just as Robert described. Molly had confidence and dreams of being a star on stage. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow is what I sang to my three babies, and to Molly when she was hospitalized. In another reading that I will share in a separate blog entry, Molly asked the medium to change her regular line-up of songs to play, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” )

“Thank you very much.” I say thank you very much because she said, “Would you hold my rabbit?” I said, “Rabbit?” I don’t know if this young girl ever had a toy or stuffed animal.

I feel that ever so often you will come across someone who will always have the attention. Not because they demand it, but because of who they are. I think this is one of them.

I just saw a big heart with an “M” in the middle of it. I thought it was going to be “N” but it’s “M.” That’s what I’ve got at the moment, don’t know quite who it’s applying to. That came like a kiss. The heart came out like that, and went on.

There must be a lot of photographs of this young lady. I keep seeing her in different poses, like a collage. You can tell it’s the same person. I think she likes dressing up. I kind of saw different outfits. I think she was a girly girl but not a push over. Whoever the lady was that I said you couldn’t push her to a corner (my Nanny), I kind of feel like this young girl could be a bit like that. She’ll stand her ground and yet she’s young.

I don’t know what this means, but some things I will no know. I don’t know if you can record but you are welcome to. She’s talking about, “I love what my name is on.” Oh good, we might get a name. It’s something about her name and being celebrated. Something about her name and other people. “I love what’s done in my name. I love what’s done in my name.” I don’t know how that applies.

This is a very positive child. Isn’t she? She’s very positive. Because she’s a teacher. Is this your child?

K: Yes. (sobbing)

R: I really feel as if she taught you a lot. I feel like I’m doing an impersonation of Shirley Temple. I’m a bit old.

“I got what I needed.” What did you get? What needed? (talking to Molly)

Sometimes people come here and they’re not here for the length of time that we maybe wanted or anticipated or expected. But there’s always reasons. I believe sometimes younger people passing may have been here many times and they need one more thing when they come back. I said, “What is it that you needed?” It was the unconditional love.

I said, “Did you get this unconditional love?” “Boy, I am I loved!”

I know for you, her passing must have been a big splash in the pond that is your life. But I can’t help feeling that the ripple effect touched a lot of people. A LOT of people.

Now, does she have a grandma here on the Earth plane?

K: Yes, two.

R: I just wondered whose mom has the leg issue or a little problem with the leg? I don’t think it’s a big thing but it may be something with the knee. She said, “I’ve been with my Gran.” I said, “How? Where?” “I was at her knee.” It’s certainly not dangerous. But if you hear one of the mothers having like a twinge or some knee thing, I feel like she’s been there.

I’m going through names. Do we know who Michael is? That may be here on the Earth plane? There is a Michael that I believe this girl knows (this is Mechal, Emerson’s sister, who asked Molly to send her a message during this reading). I already have this Joe name. Here is one thing. I think for such a young person, I think she knew a lot of people.

She’s like a Pied Piper in the Spirit world. She’s got a lot of children with her (I love this because we consistently receive messages from different sources that Molly helps children on the Other Side, and she had children behind her when she visited us during sleep shortly after her passing). I wonder if she was like that here on the Earth plane? You know? No child gives you their stuffed toy voluntarily. But she does. Again, that bears out this “old soul.”

In the way of my understanding, I believe she was a teacher. She IS a teacher. She hangs around your neck, Kaye. (I wear a locket with Molly’s picture in it and two small rings, one silver and one gold, on the same chain. Molly’s aunts gifted me a different necklace after Molly passed. At the bottom of the box, tucked away, was a necklace containing those rings. The aunts didn’t buy it. Nobody knows how it got there. I instantly knew that Molly sent that necklace, and that the rings represent how we are twins in many ways and our deep, everlasting soul connection. I touch the locket and talk to Molly when I need to connect with her).

I think she taught you very much how to love, Dad. Actually, it’s a different love between you and your wife. I feel like this girl brought out something in you that you didn’t know you had.

J: Yes.

R: She said, “I did it!” You know if I say precocious, I don’t mean it in a rude way. “I did it!”

“We were the three wise monkeys.” Does she have siblings? Two?

K: Yes.

R: She calls them “the three wise monkeys.”

J: That’s what I called them. I always called them “monkeys.”

K: She added the “wise.”

R: We always think we are teaching the kids. Quite often the case is that they teach us. She says, “my brother is smart.” Oh, she has two brothers. She says they are opposites. I don’t think she means one is smart and the other isn’t. She means their personalities. One might be very sensitive. One it’s more about what you listen to, when you find out what’s with him, rather than telling him.

Ok. I’ve got the letter E. I’m hoping we make them into names.

J: That’s the name. (We often call Eli “E,” which Molly started when he was a baby).

R: Mary, Mar or Marie. It’s a Mar name. (Jon’s aunt, Martha, had been at our house the night before. She was visiting from Portland. It was the first time we had seen her in years. She’s the daughter of the grandfather who appeared at the beginning of the reading. She’s sometimes called, “Mar Mar”).

Now who had cancer?

K: I did.

R: She did?

K: No, I did?

R: Oh, you did. Now, have you come through this?

K: Yes.

R: I really felt as if you were right on the edge and kind of came back. I can’t prove this part to you. But I feel somebody in the Spirit world pushed you back. You know? Do you think to some degree that you almost made yourself unintentionally unwell?

K: (Crying) I had a very difficult life as a child. I had a lot of pain that made me unwell.

R: You know. I think when we have these things, it’s like seeds in the back of our heads. Something traumatic (divorce or whatever) happened. And sometimes it ignites these seeds. I often see cancer as sometimes people putting on boxing gloves ready to fight, and quite often they end up beating themselves up.

I heard something, and I never suppress anything. But I don’t want to say things unless I get it right. Something ends with with a “y.” Because I heard “Holly, Polly or my Dolly.” It ends in a “y” like this. We’ll see.

I get a lot of love. Unusually, from this child. This child exudes love. And I cannot imagine ANYONE not liking her. I’m not saying that because you’re the parents. She just seems sort of older than her years. Like if somebody is upset, I think she would go and take care of them. Or go over to them. She wouldn’t hide away like children do, not knowing what’s wrong.

Now, I want to talk about the soul groups for a moment. Our lives are not preplanned. It doesn’t say anywhere, “At 20, you’ll do this. At 30, you’ll do that.” But we come here having agreed as sort of a list of lessons to learn, teachings to give. It may sound a little generic, like love, joy, happiness. Each person’s list is unique. That’s why we are individuals. There are four soul groups with positives and negatives in each - healers, teachers, warriors and philosophers . . . .

Definitely, I’m putting you two in the healers. It doesn’t mean you’ve got to run around touching everyone. They’ll find you. People will find you and cross a road to say, “Excuse me, do you know where this is?” Or in the supermarket and you say to an elderly lady, “Are you ok?” You might hear a life story. Healers also sometimes have trouble with their backs. They end up carrying the world. One of their lessons is learning to say no. But not, “No, I’m not going to do it. But no, when I see you help yourself, I’ll be right there.” Because a healer’s job is to support and to give.

But your daughter here is a TEACHER. A good teacher - you want to say Jesus, Mother Theresa - shows the way. A good teacher doesn’t tell you what to do. They show you the way. That’s what I feel that is what she’s done. She’s shown you a way. She’s shown you A WAY that you never knew. . . . .

I was asking about her, and she said, “One minute I was up, and then I was down.” Do you know what she’s referring to there?

K: Yes.

R: Is this her passing?

K: Yes.

R: But did she go to a hospital?

J: Yes.

R: Because this is rather odd, but she says, “There was no point in me going to the hospital.”

J: I know. We didn’t know that at the time.

R: I’m not a fatalist that says, “You’ve got 5 years, you’ve got 10 years.” But when they have done what what they are here to absorb and to share, that’s the time. Whether they be 5, 50 or 90. When we realize and get to understand that this is only a part of the whole thing - then we realize that someone like your daughter came here to get that experience. You know, I think of rainbows and butterflies with her. I see NOTHING negative with this girl, you know?

“Where’s my bracelet?” I don’t know. (talking to Molly)

Did she have a bracelet?

J: Yes.

R: Or did somebody have some bracelets on?

J: Yes. (This also came up in the prior reading involving Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Jon wears special “bracelets” around his wrist as part of his daily morning prayers for Molly, which nobody, including me, knew).

R: You don’t seem like people for this kind of thing but who had a tattoo?

K: Me.

R: Ok. I’m pretty sure we can’t see that here, right?

K: No. (I got a tattoo on my shoulder when I was 14 and going through great difficulty, which is a story for another day. I later had it removed. It’s not something I like to talk about, and I never told the kids about it).

R: Because she said, “I know about the tattoo.” I say precocious but I want a better word because she’s charming. And she’s telling me EVERYTHING. She said, “I know about the tattoo.” And I said, “Are you sure? These people don’t seem like people for tattoos.”

I trust her straightaway. That’s something else. You can trust her. You know? She said, “I’m not an angel.” That’s interesting, isn’t it? Every child I’ve met all want to be angels and this one is saying, “I’m not an angel, you know?” And I said, ok. I find her mature for her years. (Nate often remarks that Molly isn’t an angel. She liked to sneak around and hide candy and things she wasn’t supposed to have. She stuck gum underneath our new dining room table. She would lose her temper and smack Nate. She once stole a crispy rice treat from Starbucks while on a playdate with a friend whose mother is a sitting judge, which is a funny story for another time).

Have you got more than one pair of spectacles? Did you mislay your spectacles?

J: Do I?

K: Yes! You are constantly looking for your glasses. Always! (Jon loses his glasses multiple times per week and drives me crazy asking me if I know where they are).

R: She said, “I like to move them.” (Jon’s glasses also came up during the prior reading).

She’s telling me, “This is not the first time I have done this.”

I feel like in front of you and then with all these people that seem to be in support, I think from both sides of your family, there is a grandmother there who is sitting down. There is a grandfather. Somebody’s grandfather spoke in another language. I can hear the rhythm but I’m not sure of the language. It almost sounds Germanic (note - Jon’s ancestors spoke Yiddish). It’s not a rhythm I know. You get to know the rhythms of some languages from spirit. That man seemed to be sort of like praying in his own language, you know? So, you’ve got a whole crowd around. I feel like they are watching the performance of your daughter but also wanting us to know that she’s among them all there. There is a lady back there called Ester. That’s a very unusual sort of name. It’s not an important message. But people that we probably haven’t thought of for a long time. I don’t know why it’s so important but there are so many who want to let you know that they are here for this.

I just can’t get away from - I don’t want to either - that the star is your daughter. You know, not everything the medium gets will the medium understand and maybe we’re not meant to. But I do give everything I get. Because she’s kind of holding court. I do get her liking animals. She has a real sensitivity. I feel she would protect them.

She told me, “There was no point in my going to the hospital.” She’s showing me stones. I feel that every stone was turned to try to keep her here.

K and J: Yes.

R: You know, this child, if any that I’ve connected with, is a free spirit. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t belong to you. But she’s a free spirit. It would have been really difficult had she survived this. It would not have been her, if that makes sense. I absolutely know that she would have been loved, cherished as she was. But she experienced what she came here to experience.

Now, was she older than one of the brothers? Was she older than both of them? Because she is saying, “and stronger.”

This is funny because she’s so far she’s always been dancing and singing and showing me rainbows and butterflies. But I think there was sort of a tomboy part too. You know? She said, “Well, I can climb a tree.” In some parts, I find her fearless. And confident and yet, if I someone went “Boo!” I think she would jump. So there is a sensitivity.

“I like the beach.” Did she like the beach?

K: Yes. Yes, she did.

R: “And the pool.”

Have you had a new car?

J: Yes (laughing). (Jon is someone who keeps his cars forever. He finally got a new car about two months ago, which we haven’t shared).

R: Because she’s saying, “And I like hanging my head out the window of the new car.” If that’s true that you have a new car, I like that because these are things that have happened since her passing, and it’s showing that they are with us.

“Ok, Dad. I won’t eat while I’m sitting in the car.” And I said, “Why?” “He doesn’t like his seats messed up.”

Jon: That’s true.

So, somebody had a dream of her that was not a dream. I wanted to explain that because she said to me, “I’ve done this before.” I said, “How?” She said to me that she’d been through, and I said, “How?” There is a difference between a dream and a visitation . . . . When we sleep our fears, our inhibitions, our prejudices subside and our spirit rises. Sometimes they will connect with us then. This is a smart girl. She’s showing that she has done this . . . .

Then she asked me to mention the bird. “Ok. Where are we going now?” (Talking to Molly) There is something about a bird. “Say the bird.” I feel that she’s been sending birds. She’s a BRIGHT girl . . . . (R explains how Molly has learned to communicate quickly since she passed). (We see hawks at significant moments involving Molly, and, of course, mama ducks and ducklings).

She likes music. I love the way she came in singing “Over the Rainbow,” which is a pretty old song for a young girl. R pauses and laughs.

She can ARGUE! Because I said it’s a really old song and she said, “I can sing it!” And I wouldn’t mind betting that you’ve had the situation where you might be in your car and turned the radio on, and some song came on that you associate with her. There are no coincidences (R explains synchronicities). I always say baby steps of spirit communication is often that we get lights flickering . . . . They seem to know that electricity will get our attention. She said she is on somebody’s computer. I’ve kind of got a screen. She said, “And I’m on the computer.” (I use Molly’s laptop when I write about her. I connect with her spirt before I work on the laptop, and ask her to help me find the right words).

I wonder what she means when she says, “I love what’s been done in my name.” Something is in her name. I keep getting around to that. She is such a giving child, I feel that it’s beneficial for other people. Other people are benefitting from her, as she sees it.

She says she was up, then she was down. This I didn’t understand. Was there some breathing issue with her? Was she on life support or something?

K: Yes.

J. A ventilator.

R: This is not always easy for us to hear, but she said, “But you see, I was knocked out of this world.” Because I was asking her, “did this hurt, did that hurt?” “No, no.” She is not reporting any pain to me. I want to explain this. Spirit can only show me what they experience. Somebody with cancer can tell me what it was like. . . . But I really don’t feel that she knew quite what happened. I’m not even registering fear. Over the years, I’m witnessing people that have been killed and murdered. I’m not getting fear and I’m not getting pain. She said, “One minute I was up, the next minute I was down. But I was lucky.” And I said, “Why were you lucky?” “Because I had a horseshoe of love around me.” (We also see horseshoe signs since Molly passed.) I kind of felt that she was aware of people around her. You know like when people are talking in the next door room. But it was like being told, “You can stay, but things physically would not be the same. People’s lives would revolve around you, and you’d be dependent.”

You see, even though she’s your daughter, I don’t feel that as she grew older that she would have ever been dependent. There is a great independence there. With some kids, “I say they’ve got very strong legs because they know where they are going.”

Did you keep all her dresses or all her clothes?

K: Yes.

R: Because I feel like she is sometimes near something where all these things are.

Is there anyone with a shortened name? I am getting something shortened that sounds like, “Nat.” I’m getting three letters or something like that. Is this someone you know?

K and J: Yes! (Molly’s brother is Nathaniel, aka Nate).

R: Ok, because we need to listen to him. It’s a good thing. We need to listen to him. Does he have a good imagination or something? I don’t think it’s imagination. I think someone is very sensitive.

Has there been a birthday or anniversary recently?

K: My birthday is on Thursday.

J: We just had our 15th anniversary two weeks ago.

R: I kind of feel like if this child knew it was your anniversary she would turn up with something. You know? This is not someone to give you big, grand things. But more like, here, you are. Like this. (Showing up with a flower).

Ok, well I feel like the spotlight is on her. I almost got something then. I say in my mind, “What do I call you? You’re very cheeky.” And she said . . . . I never want to get it wrong because it makes everything wrong. She said, “ like Mol or Mo. I’m going to go Mo for the minute.”

K: You were right with Mol! It’s Molly.

R: Oh, that’s where the “y” was coming in. I’ve been trying very hard and I think I was going Polly or Holly.

K: You got it all right. She was called Mol and sometimes Mol-O. (Molly hated to be called any nicknames but she liked Emerson’s dad, Lyle, to use his special name for her, which was Moll-O).

R: She’s showing me a big smile with her teeth.

Was this a head injury?

K: Yes, it was.

R: She is such a sweet girl. When she knows someone is in pain, she is giving them comfort. She lies with you, sir. If you were laying out, she’s laying right on your belly. (We heard this exact same thing about Molly spreading herself across Jon’s stomach in the prior reading).

Are you good with figures?

J: Yeah, I’m ok, I did math with her a lot.

R: She said something about being good with numbers.

For me, when I say “old soul,” its the characteristics of someone older than her years. She’s considerate. She’s kind. But she’s still a child. She suddenly turns up with this one flower. You turn around and you’ve had a really bad day. She’s giving you this flower and then it’s not a bad day.

K: That is true. (sobbing, sobbing, sobbing).

R: Even from a young time, I feel she was very aware of her, how she looked. I worked very much on the Jon Benet Ramsey case with Steve Thomas, the Detective. This was a girl, apart from the whole story, who was older than her years too. It was a different story. But it reminded me of the confidence. Many of us are standing on the side of a mountain and we’re afraid of moving and getting vertigo. These people have no problem jumping because they know there is going to be a net. That’s the teachers who tell us to live every moment. Who tell us to enjoy everything. If you sit still and do nothing, nothing happens. Even if you just do it with your mind, and don’t physically do it, go places.

She’s now joined the group behind you and she’s saying, “Forward, forward.” This is not to stop, erase or forget anything. It’s to realize that there’s more things forward as well.

“My brothers are lucky.” “Why are they lucky?” (Talking to Molly) “They’ll never let to get to be let out of their sight.” It was that cheeky kind of way as if she could do as she pleased, she had that freedom. Of course, I’m sure your sons will have. I just kind of feel that you can sometimes be a bit of a lioness with the cubs. (Everyone who knows me knows that I am a lioness with the cubs).

And Dad, I feel she wants to heal you. On so many levels, you know?

Ok, what’s that you’re wearing? (Talking to Molly) “This? That’s me being a princess.” She put a tiara on her head. (We have a special picture in Molly’s room of her wearing a tiara).

Was this at night?

J: No, daytime.

R: I just wanted to get what she was saying. I asked her what happened. She said, “I don’t know. It was dark. It all went dark.”

There is somebody with an “S” name. Like Sherry, Sheryl, Stacey. I don’t think it’s that contemporary to your daughter. Would she have a teacher or anyone like that? Because it’s not just about you saying, “Our daughter was bright and brilliant.” I think other people like doctors, teachers, you know, people that matter, said the same thing.

K: Yes, that’s correct. She had a teacher named Stacey.

R: Ok. She said to me, “Miss Stacey.” That’s why I thought it was a teacher. I think they only ever had positive things to say about her.

K: That’s right. (Molly’s language arts teacher, Stacey Jasper, was her biggest cheerleader. She really “got” Molly in ways that not all of her educators did. Molly once said to me, “At least Mrs. Jasper will help me.”)

R: I see her change from this very girly girl to, as if she was supporting some kind of baseball team or something. I feel if she got involved in something, it was 110 percent. Because I see her once in almost in like a ballerina dress. In the next thing, she’s on costume, almost for like a game or something. I didn’t know if that was real, or the fact that whatever she does and did, it was always 110 percent.

K: That’s absolutely true. (Nobody worked harder than Molly at the things she cared about. Period.).

R: She says you always taught her to go for her goals.

K: Yes, I did.

R: Somebody has, I don’t know what that is, a perfume. She likes perfumes. If you get a smell of flowers, like sweet flowers and there’s no perfume like that around, I feel that it’s indicative of her. She’s very inquisitive too. I can see that. (Molly is often described as inquisitive, which is true).

I think she copies you, Mom. It must have sometimes like having a mini-me. (Absolutely correct).

I think Shirley is another name, too. I feel that might be somebody’s friend. She said to thank Susan or Sue. (Susan Schwartz was Molly’s wonderful third grade teacher, who also “got” her).

Why does she say, “You know, I was celebrated twice.” Did you have a service and did somebody else do something else?

J: Explains shiva. (The Jewish seven-day mourning ritual).

R: She’s saying something about a lot of people. A LOT of people.

She doesn’t say Mister so and so. Al or Hal (I think this is Lyle, Emerson’s dad). Sherry. Any of these names we don’t know, that’s why we have it recorded.

I think she is right when she says that what happened was huge in your lives, but I just got this ripple effect of touching a lot of people. I actually feel she even taught people, not intentionally but with her passing, she brought a lot of people life. To realize that could be them. That could have been them. She hopes it taught them a lesson to do every minute of every day. That’s pretty precocious. Sorry, but it is. She’s even saying to me, “I could tell you a thing or two.” Good, I’m always willing to learn!

Silver ring. Do you know something about a silver ring?

K: Yes. (As noted above, I wear tiny silver and gold rings around my neck, with the locket).

R: Ooh, did you go to Hawaii? Did she go with you?

J: Many times. (We were there in December 2021).

R: I said, where was your best place to go on holiday? She went, “Hawaii.” But I also think she would like the zoo. I said to her, “You only get one choice.” That didn’t sit with her at all. (Molly is remembered at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, which is important to her and our entire family).

I’m getting lots of love and tremendous support from all those people at the back. Truthfully, who is looking after who, I’m not sure. Because they’re all adults and this is a child. She seems to have all their attention.

I think you’ve been touched by an angel. I really do. I think, even further on, there’s going to be more understandings and lessons of what she brought. She has a big smile when she hugs you. See, this is a child that has no problem - there’s no holds barred - there’s big hugs around the neck. (Molly used to come up and wrap her arms around my neck, saying, “You’re the best mom, ever.”).

It’s such a random thing but she says she likes balloons. I actually feel that she got the understanding of balloons. That you have them, and let them go where they need to go.

“And I’m a STAR.” (Molly’s dream was to be a star, with her name in lights).

“I love what’s growing in my name.” I think of a tree or a plant but I don’t know what’s growing. I shouldn’t put interpretation. I should give it just as I get it. Ok, do you have any questions?

K: Oh, my goodness. Everything you said really resonates. I know that it’s Molly. The only part that troubles me is the idea that maybe she could have stayed.

R: I think you missed that. The soul has free will. It’s like being told in an instant, “you can stay but things physically would not be right. People would look after you, even devote their lives to you.” But that wasn’t your purpose. It would be staying in a very different kind of form. You might say, “Well, we would still physically have her.” You wouldn’t have HER. What you loved, adored, was the whole concept of her. This was a child who could leap. This was a child who could fly. That wouldn’t have been the same thing. It really doesn’t mean she could have stayed. It was her time. When we have done what we are here to do - to learn and to teach - that’s our time. I don’t believe in accidents. I don’t believe they are predictable because if they were, we’d all avoid them.

I once said, I don’t mind dying because I KNOW there is something else, just from my years of working. I said, I don’t mind dying but I don’t want to be arguing it from underneath a bus. Let it be painless, you know.

In 2010, I was in the Bahamas. I was doing my retreats down there. I got on a metal rung ladder to get down to the boat, which was 9 feet. I put one foot down, then the next. I don’t know where the next foot went because I passed out on the ladder. I fell nine feet into the boat, right across the back of my head. They only had golf carts on the island. The back of my head was hanging out. My head hit the side of a metal box. In a split second, I was with my mom, who passed in ‘92. It was like being in a garden. It was like being in a big tent. I was saying stupid things like, “I have to pay my credit cards.” My mom said, “You don’t have to worry about those.” “What about the dog?” “The dog loves his new home.” My silver candlesticks!” “Your sisters will love them.” Then I heard, “Oh my God. Please God, not Robert!” Then I felt like I was swimming back. I sort of rationalized that I must have fallen into the water from the ladder. But I had been knocked out. Somehow someone had a friend who was flying over in a private plane and got me to a clinic in Nassau.

The doctors said to me, “You should have been dead or at the very least paraplegic.” I said to this friend of mine, “Oh my God. All these things happened. How long was I knocked out?” She said, “Twenty or twenty-five seconds.” All that happened in that time. And then I knew it could happen like this any moment, and how wonderful it is when it does happen. It removed the fear of death for me. I think death is something that we don’t discuss. For most of us, we don’t speak about it or think about it until it affects us.

What I feel you have here with your daughter, I’m sure you know you have been blessed, but you were leant this child to care for. You were the perfect parents (you’re probably saying, no we’re not), who allowed her to be HER. So many people would clip somebody’s wings. That’s what she’s joyous about. She says, “I GOT WHAT I NEEDED.” As a soul, as a spirt. Yes, she is yours. Yes, we are part of, but we are also individuals and unique. We each come in to better, to improve, to learn and to teach, for the whole.

I think of a barometer with mercury. It’s in an instrument. It works. When the instrument breaks, the mercury is still there. You can put mercury in a bowl, separate it, agitate it, it joins up again. I feel that’s the spirit. When the vehicle - the body - is gone, the real thing that makes it work, the real person that animates it is there.

One last thing then. You don’t have to answer anything. “Ask my mom about her shoes.” Did you buy some shoes recently?

K: I received a very special pair of shoes for my birthday. (These were a gift from Molly’s aunt, Polly, that I received a few days prior to the reading. They are shoes I never would have splurged on for myself).

R: I don’t know, but she’s going, “Wooo hoooo.” She’s funny. She’s definitely a character.

I hope this makes some sense. Is there anything else I can do?

K: You mentioned I had cancer. Tomorrow I have to go in for a test and I’m very nervous. You said I was on a precipice. Do you have a sense about this?

R: The precipice was before. If anything, I think it made you stronger. Like, “What else can you do to me?”

J: We found out.

K: Sometimes I worry that all the pain that I’m in now from the trauma of losing my child will make me sick again.

R: You know, it’s certainly true that some things can reignite. But the way she was pushing you back, it was pushing you here. For someone so young, she was saying, “Mom, mom, they need you there.” I can’t help feeling it’s not just your own family who needs you here.

It must have been like Molly and Mom against the boys. Like a team.

K: Yes, we’re absolutely a team.

R: “Mom, you’re there, I’m here. We can help them all. One from each side.”

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