Molly’s Precious Organs Saved 4 Lives

Originally posted on social media on April 7, 2021

Some of you have asked about the recipients of Molly’s organs. Our Molly saved the lives of 3 mothers and a teenage boy. It nearly killed me to leave my girl while she was on life support. Everything in me wanted to hold her until her magnificent, brave heart stopped beating.

Molly always helped others whenever she could. We knew she would want to help others live, even when she could not. We also wanted to spare parents from the pain we are suffering. We are grateful that three families have their mamas and a teenage boy who has been hospitalized for months can return home, with a new heart and liver. How lucky he is to have Molly’s heart! I hope that all of the recipients will choose to contact us. I need to hug them. I would love to lay my hand on that boy’s chest and feel Molly’s heart giving him life.

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