The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Originally posted on social media on May 23, 2021

Molly’s greatest passion and love was theatre. This picture is from her first play, Peter and the Wolf. She played Peter’s mother. She was in preschool, but took her role seriously, carefully taking every choreographed step. Molly went on to perform in many shows, including Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, and Guys & Dolls. She dreamed of seeing her name in lights.

Nate finds comfort in things he shared with Molly. When I asked him if anyone could do anything to make him feel better, he requested a part in Annie. Theatre Palisades Youth had been rehearsing online for months. Molly and Nate both wanted to star in Annie, but Molly was too overwhelmed with school. TPY was thrilled to welcome Nate as a late addition to the cast. A kind boy, Callum, gave up one of his roles so Nate could play “Rooster,” the scheming brother of Ms. Hannigan, who tries to kidnap Annie.

The show premiered last night. I am utterly flattened this morning. Getting Nate ready for the show, without Molly, was hard. I’ve had a lump in my throat since January 31, the day that changed our lives forever. Today my chest is heavier and the lump prevents me from swallowing. Seeing Nate on stage made my heart swell with pride. My brokenhearted boy, bravely faced the audience, his “Molly” necklace prominently around his neck. Nate was in the ensemble cast last night. He’ll be Rooster tonight.

The show was dedicated to Molly, which was touching and made us cry. Callum’s sister, Mireille, was the orphan, Molly. She wore our Molly’s favorite jacket that she wore on our trip to Chicago. I imagined Molly’s face on every girl on stage. She used to belt out the songs from Annie, determined to land the lead someday. The realization that we will never see her perform again sickened me. The show was outdoors. Eli snuggled under a blanket in my arms. I wouldn’t have made it through without him. The weight of his body. I buried my face in his neck and hair, breathing him in. My anchor and reason for being, along with his dad and brother.

We’ll be surrounded my family and close friends at tonight’s show. I’m grateful. I’m setting my intention to focus on Nate and enjoy his performance. He deserves it, and I know it’s what Molly wants. We honor our precious girl by living.

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