We Celebrate Even As We Mourn

Originally posted on social media on April 27, 2021

I had no idea that cancer was spreading like wildfire in my body after Eli was born. Thank you, G-d, for entrusting us with this child who brightens our darkest days. Thank you, younger self, for following your heart when it whispered this soul needed to join our family.

Thank you, Jon, for being my steadfast partner, as we’ve walked through the hell and back and back again. Thank you, Molly, for pouring enough love into your precious baby brother to last a lifetime, and for being his ever present angel.

Thank you, Nate, for being Eli’s role model and for stepping gracefully into the unimagined role of his only sibling here on Earth. Thank you, Eli, for smiles, hugs and laughter everyday. They are the antidote to pain. Your infectious joy spreads to everyone you encounter.

We love you more than words can tell, my darling boy.

Happy fifth birthday, Eli William! Your beloved Sissy is dancing and singing around you everywhere you go today.

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